Sports Specific Training

Amongst other sports, we particularly specialise in improving cycling fitness

Raise your performance level – Get real results!


We have a range of programs, designed  to tackle the specific requirements of sports men and women looking to improve their performance and avoid injury when taking part in their chosen sport. As competitors ourselves, we are well aware of the different stresses and strains certain sports place on the body.

Within this our aim is to produce the most efficient athlete possible, so we also place great emphasis on prehabilitation procedures in order to stop problems before they happen. An integrated and progressive Sports Specific Training programme that properly addresses structural and muscular imbalances should make the body as bulletproof as possible from the inevitable knocks, collisions and sprains that occur on the field of play.

Proper nutritional intake is also of the highest priority when designing an effective Sports Specific Training program and as such we dedicate a large amount of time to planning out a nutritional strategy and, if necessary, supplementation program.

Some of our most popular programs are listed below, but if you play another sport and would like us to put together a performance improvement program, please get in touch. We conduct a detailed performance profile for each client prior to undertaking a program with us, enabling us to judge the improvements necessary and better analyse your own possible postural problems or future injury risks and therefore act upon them.


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