Drive further, gain more control of your swing and extinguish the threat of back pain!

Drive further, gain more control of your swing and extinguish the threat of back pain!

Improve your game like Westwood and Mickelson!


We are very lucky to live in a part of the world which does not lack for golf courses and as such we have always had a close affinity for the sport. Having grown up playing on many of the local courses, and then being lucky enough to play at both St. Andrews and Muirfield, we have an excellent understanding of the particular needs that the physical side of the game requires. Indeed, studies have shown that amateur golfers tend to experience 80% more lateral bending during their swing and generate 50% more torque than professionals – combine these figures with a lack of physical conditioning and it’s only a matter of time before muscle strains, lower back pain and herniated discs become a reality.


Stave off golfer’s worst enemy – back pain!


In developing a program to tackle this and also improve performance, we took inspiration both from some of the world’s finest strength & conditioning coaches and golf coaches in order to produce a comprehensive service to our golfing clients.


The Solution

  • Develop leg strength and explosive power (most power in a swing originates in the legs)
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness (in order to prevent fatigue towards the end of a round)
  • Improve core strength and stability (protect the back and allow for more efficient power transfer during a swing)
  • Build upper body strength and explosive power (increase clubhead speed)
  • Introduce functional training (improve efficacy of proprioceptors and therefore gain more control of your swing)
  • Motivational coaching and sports psychology support (to aid mental strength and performance under strain)
  • Comprehensive nutritional review and plan

This of course is just to give you a flavour of what your Golf-Fit program may include – each client will actually receive an individualised plan according to their goals. These principles merely provide the basis from which to start the planning process from. Contact us to arrange your free consultation, in order to discuss your own plans.

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