Partner PT


Partner PT in Action

Partner PT in action!

Reduce the cost of personal training but increase the fun by opting for our Partner PT package!


Train with a friend or partner and benefit from the support of having someone close also making major changes to their lifestyle. With a reduced cost per person, per session you can choose to jointly undertake any one of our programs. We will still be able to offer personalised plans for each of you, but in effect you pay less for it and get to enjoy the company of one of your friends at the same time.

We also give each of you access to our exclusive Online Client Area– which includes:

  • Health assessment results and progress tracking tool.
  • Motivational goal-setting tool.
  • A free initial download to help structure your diet and lifestyle around the exercise – 7 Steps to Nutritional Success.
  • Ongoing provision of relevant articles and downloads to aid your progress.
  • Downloadable at-home training programs to be completed between classes.
  • Continuous support through a private messaging service – connected directly to your PT.

Choose from any of our programs listed in Services or get in touch to discuss your options. Our packages are as follows, with large discounts offered the greater the commitment:

  • Bronze (5 Sessions)
  • Silver (10 Sessions)
  • Gold  (20 Sessions)
  • Platinum (40 Sessions)

Note: We don’t offer payment by session as we believe you should pay for a result, rather than the odd hour here or there which may but probably won’t achieve anything. We believe in offering certainty, and at the end of the day we live and die by our results. If you are prepared to commit to a structured program with us then you will achieve your fitness goals.

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