Common Running Injuries

Prevent injury, run pain-free for longer! We came across this infographic the other day, and it actually serves as a pretty good guide to the most common injury problems runners tend to suffer (as well as to suggest some strategies for prevention/cure). Anyway, in place of a proper blog as we’re run off our feet […]

3 Tips to Prevent That ‘Back To Work’ Back Pain

Now the party season is over for another year (Boo Hiss!), most of us are back into our normal working routines. If your job is desk-based you might have noticed a return of that other staple – the low-back-pain-gremlin. Follow these tips to put him back in his box. Take Regular Breaks This is perhaps […]

3 Simple Ways To Make That Resolution Stick

Have you survived/revelled in the endless excess of the festive season and are now ready to make good on your hastily conceived New Year’s Resolutions? Here are 3 useful tips to prevent the ever-so-common decline in motivation that causes most people to give up after a couple of weeks. 1. Be Specific The major failing […]

Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Christmas

Prevent that other traditional seasonal event – winter weight gain!   Christmas is almost upon us and because of it’s timing this year, the partying for some has already begun! Use these simple tips to help stay fit and healthy this year and get a head start on that Resolution. 1. Routine, Routine, Routine Keep […]

Clocks Change: Prevent The ‘Fall Back’ To Poor Health

  It’s the time of year again that we all love to hate, the last weekend of October and the perennial winding back of the clocks. There can be no escaping the fact that winter has just slapped you in the face and blown a big fat raspberry at your attempts to ignore the slight […]