We pride ourselves on our effectiveness and customer focus – something which can be measured by the progress our clients make. Here are some of their thoughts:

Wendy, Haddington.

Langlands health and fitness is the complete package providing an individual with an all round fitness framework.

I have participated in group PT sessions and also the bootcamp beach sessions. Both allow you to work in a group in an informal environment pushing your individual efforts and abilities to the max. Langlands health and fitness is very professional and totally aware of an individual requirements and how they can be met.

I am shortly going to start 1:1 sessions with them and I am looking forward to further assistance at an individual level to realise my health and fitness goals.

Thank you!


Neil, Pencaitland.

I have always been sporty, and considered myself self-sufficient in keeping fit, so it was with some persuasion from my wife that I decided to take the plunge and take on a personal trainer. I had damaged my right knee a few months previously, preventing me from my regular running or playing football, and I was feeling less healthy by the day. I decided to give it a try for a few weeks.

I had an initial goal of reducing my body fat index – with that in mind, and quick assessment of my fitness levels, Alasdair developed my training routine. Rather than focus on just cardio or muscle, which was how I previously trained, Alasdair developed a routine that was more wide ranging, working on muscle sets that I’d not previously bothered about, with view on improving all round balance and reducing injury risk. The sessions still covered strength and cardio exercises, but just in a far more focused and effective way than I had done previously. In one hour we would cover more than I’d cover in 3 workouts previously.

Over time Alasdair ensured the training sessions were both varied and progressive to keep things interesting. He was always willing to explain the science behind why specific exercises had been selected. Despite my knee injury I still achieved a full body workout, and we were able to gradually build on the exercise in that leg over time. At the end of each session I felt that I’d been pushed to the limit, but always looked forward to the next one.

Ultimately, 6 months down the line, I am now much fitter and healthier than I was. I am also much more effective in managing my own training, and now motivated to train without having someone shouting at me (I can always get my wife to do that). For all those thinking about whether to spend the time, money and effort getting professional help with training – I would very much urge you to go for it, even if just for a few weeks to get you started. You will definitely feel better for it!


Anon, Gullane.

After baby no2 I was finding it really difficult to shift the weight a year down the line. I tried Al’s classes as they were different to other exercise classes I had done. Within a month I was back to pre-babies weight and feeling better than ever. With assessment and feedback sessions, I found Al’s classes worked really well for me. I would recommend them to anyone.


Verity, Haddington.

Personal training is always something I have wanted to do but I never really thought I could afford it. When a leaflet dropped through my door in January it seemed an interesting prospect particularly as I had just completed a session with Joyce Lukkes through “Time for Me Life Coaching” and I realised that my major goal for this year was health and well being. Approaching 40 and having 2 active boys under 5 years old has made me want to be slimmer and fitter and yet there are always challenges and excuses like being too tired, work is too busy, husband is away so I can’t go to the gym.

When I phoned up Alasdair he explained that they run individual, partner and group personal training sessions covering Edinburgh and East Lothian and all packages come with exclusive access to an online members area including free nutritional e-books, progress tracking, video library of over 500 exercises. I decided to try and persuade a few friends to join me so that the sessions would only cost £15 each per week. This does not work out much more expensive than doing a zumba class once a week and putting one of my sons into the crèche.

Three weeks in and Monday night is now personal training night with 5 friends at the newly refurbished Newton Port Hall now Red flame Dance in Haddington. Alasdair as a master trainer is incredibly knowledgeable and motivational. He began by taking all our measurements before we started the course (optional of course) – body fat, waist etc so that we can assess our improvement over the 5 weeks and has also been advising about our diet too based on food diaries we have sent to him, so we have bought into an entire package. The sessions last an hour and he has tailored a personal workout plan of stretches and core stability activities to do at home during the week which has kept us focussed and improved our performance. The sessions themselves build on what we have done the previous week but new things are added and of course harder workouts and more challenges are introduced. To name but a few exercises we have been doing:- one legged squats, burpees, agility work with a ladder, core stability, shoulder presses, timed cardio runs and also crawled around the floor like various different animals and creatures! When we complain that our legs are burning or arms are shaking Alasdair always encourages us that those are the ones that are making the difference and that “the only way for it to stop hurting is to keep doing it!”. I try and build on the classes during the week by going for walk/runs and doing new exercises so that I make the most of the sessions and don’t let myself down and therefore this is another motivating factor. Everything Alasdair is showing us is designed to make the exercising more effective so that when time is precious you are concentrating on a fitness programme that is not only right for your body but that will hopefully reap better and faster results. Being in a group ensures that there is a competitive edge but everyone knows that they are working to their limits and challenging themselves first and foremost and Alasdair is encouraging but pushes you all the way! Most of the group have already signed up for the next 5 week block which is not only a testimony to Alasdair but shows that the sessions have been both enjoyable and rewarding too. I am not expecting to have a figure like Kate Middleton in the near future (although it would be nice!) but if I can be fitter and healthier so that I can play football or tag and not be out of breath as quickly then that is a good thing and as Alasdair had put up on his facebook page “no matter how slow you go you are still beating everyone on the couch!”.


Imogen, Glasgow.

I thought I already knew what I should be doing but Alasdair listened to what I wanted to achieve, and provided great advice that was obviously based on a good knowledge of the current evidence. Lovely attitude and motivational ++. I start 2012 feeling fitter!