With the right commitment, 98% of men could have a body like this.

With the right commitment, 98% of healthy men could have a body like this.

 Build muscle, build self-confidence!


Have you always been unhappy with how you look? Bulging in all the wrong places, unable to lose that stubborn beer gut, guns more like peashooters?

Well we can help. We have developed a plan which encompasses a range of advanced resistance, weight training techniques designed to maximise muscle bulk and growth in as short a time as possible. A detailed fitness, muscle fibre and body composition analysis is conducted at the outset, in order to ensure we leave nothing to chance and design a truly effective, periodised training regime unique to your body type.

Eat right – to be able to train right – and therefore gain right!


Adjusting your nutritional intake is a large and important part of the Muscle-Up program. No matter how much training you do, you will not gain muscle bulk if your diet is not conducive to muscular growth. We ensure that your body is taking on the right kind of fuel, and avoiding the wrong, unhelpful kind.

If you are completely committed to this program, you WILL notice visible body shape changes within only ten days! To achieve really impressive results we recommend a program lasting at least ten weeks however, incorporating at least two, preferably three 1hr PT sessions per week.

If you want it enough, you will achieve it


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