Drop at least one dress size - Guaranteed!

Drop at least one dress size – Guaranteed!

Leave faddy diets behind – start a new life in a new you!


Do you recognise this person?

  • I always feel bloated
  • I can’t help but feel ‘frumpy’ in what used to be my favourite clothes
  • I’ve worked out in gyms but don’t seem to get results
  • I feel tired and irritable most of the time
  • I just don’t have time to get fitter
  • It seems like I’ve spent a fortune on fat-loss promises, only to be let down every time

What if it didn’t have to be like this?

What if I told you that we have developed a plan where we can GUARANTEE that you will drop a dress size.

At least one.

In 5 weeks.


I think you might ask how we can guarantee that, and what makes us different from all the magazine lemon-juice (sigh) diets out there. Well for one, our plan is based on sound scientific evidence – your body will actually finish the program a far more efficient energy-burning machine than it was when you started (starvation-based diets – which is what they are – leave your body in a less-efficient state, which is why 95% of dieters actually put on weight in the long term).

Enjoy great tasting, healthy food

Enjoy great tasting, healthy food

We combine a comprehensive nutritional review and plan with a program of resistance-based exercises, aimed at increasing your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate – the amount of energy your body uses while you are resting). BMR actually has the greatest impact on energy and fat burning, therefore if we can increase this, it will mean that your body will actually be shedding fat after the exercise sessions, while doing nothing! That is why we’re comfortable in offering our guarantee, while promising that in the unlikely event you don’t reach your targets, we will train you for free until you do!

All we ask from you is your total, unbending commitment to stick to the program and schedule at least two 1 hr PT sessions (personal, partner or group) per week for 5 weeks. If you are unsure if this is for you or if you can spare that much time, then it isn’t. Your health requires your total commitment and if you are only after a quick, cheap fix then good luck – because it doesn’t exist.

Phew! Scolding teacher mask off…

Now, if you would rather see this when you look in the mirror:

  • I can finally fit in to those skinny jeans again!
  • I feel energised and full of life!
  • I actually enjoy the exercise sessions, who knew!
  • The kids are loving having a more active mummy/daddy
  • I can eat great tasting food without starving myself…and still be lean!

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