Corrective Exercise


Finally break the cycle of recurring back pain

Finally break the cycle of recurring back pain

Regain control of your back pain


A large proportion of back pain sufferers do so because of structural weaknesses and imbalances within their supporting musculature and stabilising core. We are trained in the use of a number of corrective exercises designed to combat these imbalances and build a strong core which can withstand daily stresses and strains and properly support your spine.

Postural problems, caused by general lifestyle factors such as sitting at a desk all day, can also lead to discomfort and chronic pain. We conduct an initial postural analysis as a standard part of our health appraisal process, aimed at weeding these out and allowing us to plan programs to tackle the problem head on.

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We are qualified to train people from a range of groups, in terms of health conditions – including:

Age is definitely not a barrier to fitness

Age is definitely not a barrier to fitness

  • Diabetes Type 2 Sufferers
  • Pregnant Women
  • Osteoarthritis Sufferers
  • Osteoporosis Sufferers
  • Older Adults (Over 65s)
  • Hypertensive Clients
  • Heart Problems
  • Clinically Obese Clients

We maintain good working relationships with our clients’ health professionals and ensure proper communication regarding the appropriateness of each Corrective Exercise program. Detailed notes on progress are kept throughout the program and if necessary are shared with client’s GPs or physiotherapists. Obviously having a physiotherapist on-board gives us a head start in that respect.

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