Physio-Led Pilates


Our physio Gemma Langlands is APPI registered.

Our physio Gemma Langlands is APPI registered.

Strengthen your core, gain better movement control, prevent low back pain and increase sporting performance with our Physio-Led Pilates classes.


Pilates consists of strength, mobility and stabilising exercises – with the main focus being to maintain a central core of stability. Our physiotherapist Gemma has trained with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute and is an APPI practitioner.

APPI physio-led Pilates differs from traditional Pilates in that the original exercises have been broken down and modified to be suitable for the clinical population. It has been designed by physiotherapists specifically for use in the rehabilitation setting (eg people with low back pain, postural problems and muscle imbalances).

On a personal note, Gemma herself has found it incredibly useful after the birth of her two children in strengthening and recruiting those core muscles which are so considerably affected by pregnancy. Also, as a former hockey player she has been left with historical muscular imbalances which have been aided through the use of this technique.

The technique is particularly helpful to:

  • women post-pregnancy
  • low back pain sufferers
  • golfers
  • office workers
  • athletes looking to improve core control

Physio-led Pilates is available for small groups of a maximum of 5 people (the small class size is incredibly important as it is imperative that good form and technique can be monitored and encouraged and the exercises can be personalised for you). Classes take place at the Marine Hotel, North Berwick. Gemma is also able to conduct one-to-one sessions in the patient’s home (in addition to this, small group at-home sessions can be catered for as long as there is the requisite space).

Class Times

Tuesday mornings at 9am-10am (Marine Hotel, North Berwick)


Anon. East Lothian

I was anxious about returning to exercise having suffered split rectus abdominus following the birth of my second child.

I used to attend pilates classes moons ago but sometimes felt that I wasn’t given enough guidance to hold the positions correctly. Gemma’s physio-led pilates classes have proven a perfect way of easing back in to exercise and after a term I can feel a definite improvement in my core stability. I am aware of the occasional sore twinge which makes me very glad that Gemma is keeping a watchful eye on positioning and the pace at which we progress. Gemma’s classes achieve the balance of being challenging enough without overdoing it.


Clare, East Lothian

Not having done Pilates before I was unsure what to expect so the small classes were great for learning the techniques. The small friendly class was relaxed and Gemma was always willing to go through techniques in more detail if asked.
Although the classes were a bit more expensive than some, the small class sizes and friendly atmosphere along with the good facilities made it well worth it.
Over the course of the sessions the classes were varied and graded well which helped to maintain interest.

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